Handtop Hybrid UV Printer (Ricoh/Gen5 )

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Handtop Hybrid UV Printer     (Ricoh/Gen5 ) UV Printer Printing Machine


The Handtop HT3200UV HR8 Hybrid UV printer is directed towards both printshop and industrial applications at an affordable price. Fitted with up to 8 top class grayscale printheads, 4-color or 6-color, White Ink and Varnish as optional, it can reach up to 1200 x 1200 dpi of print resolution and can deliver an exceptional image quality at printing speed of up to 50 m2/hr (4 pass). With a suction based printing platform and belt driven, the hybrid system is very flexible. Printing from soft roll media to rigid media is a breeze.


It is the speed of two row or Ricoh Gen5, for more information, please refer to the technical parameters.


 HT1600 HR4

 HT3200 HR4

 HT2500 HR4

Maximum Media Size

 1600 mm (w)

 3200 mm (w)

 2500 mm (w)

Maximum Thickness

 50 mm

 50 mm

 50 mm

Printhead type 

RICOH Grayscal PrintHeads 

Maximum Resolution 

1200x1200 DPI 

Ink color 

C,M Y K W, Vanish 

Print Speed 

4 pass---24 ŠO/h
6 pass---29
8 pass---13 ŠO/h  

4pass--48  ŠO/h  

4 pass--48 ŠO/h  
6 pass--3ŠO/h
8 pass--26

Media Type

 Rigid & Flexible Material

Regid & Flexible 

 Regid & Flexible Material

Image formats 

Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI 

RIP Soft ware 

Seeget, Onyx, Caldera 

Minimum Working Area

 3800 x 2800 x 1500 mm

 7500 x 5500 x 2000 mm

 5300 x 3200 x 1500 mm

Creating Size

 3710 x 1100 x 1600 mm

 5700 x 1500 x 1800 mm

 5100 x 1120 x 1800 mm

Power Supply

 AC 220v, 30A, Single Phase 50 Gz

 AC 220v, 50A, Single Phase 50 Gz

 AC 220v, 50A, Single Phase 50 Gz

Machine Weight

 800 KG

 1500 KG

 1200 KG

Machine Dimension

 4820 x 1060 x 1610 mm

 5560 x 2280 x 1800 mm

 5000 x 2100 x 1800 mm


 Humidity 50%~80%, Temperature 18°c - 30°c, 64°f -86°f


 3100 x 870 x1310 mm

 5480 x 1420 x 1450 mm

 4850 x 1030 x1350 mm




1. The body of the machine

   In this field, many competitors choose the ordinary aluminum alloy for cost saving. Handtop, we choose the
   most stable aviation aluminum. 

2.The guide rail

   Steel beam, guide rail, sliding block are configurated uniformly and strictly. Meanwhile, all of them are cut at 
  the same batch (guarantee the high precision ). Most of the competitors cut the components separately.

 Double guide rail is far more stable and accurate for the carriage than the single guide rail.

3.Advanced spray-paint technology



 The spray-painting for all the sheet matal parts are fully covered. Most of the competitors, they just paint the 
   superfacial metal so that the components are easily to get rusty.


4. The most reliable components

  In Handtop, all the components are purchased from the most reliable supplier, for example: the ink tubes,
  air tubes and the raster are all imported from Japan; towline is IGUS from Germany; electrical switch is imported 
  from Germany Schneider; the negative pressure meter is from Japanese SMC; guide track is imported from 
 Japanese THK; servo motor is imported from Fuji or Panasonic, etc.

5. Anti-collision device

   Compared with the other competitors, the anti-collision device is the exclusive advantage of Handtop. It can 
  effectively avoid the carriage from damage at emergency so that to protect the expensive print head and the carriage.

6. Automatic height measurement function

 Theautomatic height measurement function can accurately measure the media’s height, especially, it is strongly well-adapted in printing the media which is easily to be thermally distorted.  

7. Double suction blower (4-zone vacuum table with reversible blower for convenient loading/unloading )

  There are three advantages for Handtop’s double suction blower device.

  1) It is favorable to load and unload the heavy media 

  2) It can last the service life of the suction blower for it is unnecessary to switch frequently when put and take the media.

 3) It is helpful to resolve the problem that some medias are easily to get wrinkled and warped up at the edges so 
  that to keep the media smooth.

Picture only for reference, Detail are subject to corresponding products.The above technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
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