Handtop FlatBed UV Printer (Kyocera)

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Handtop FlatBed UV Printer (Kyocera) UV Printer Printing Machine


  Kyocera’s multi-drop technology enables greyscale printing by varying the drop size of each individually printed image pixel. The Kyocera-Series, feature 2656 channels per print head and print in true greyscale multi-drop 4, 6 and 10 picoliters at a TRUE native 1200 dpi for outstanding, close view print quality. Along with great quality, the fast speed of Kyocera-Series printers-up to a blazing 60 ©O/ h with even only 2 print heads configuration.




 HT1610uv FK3

HT2512uv FK3

HT3116uv FK3

Print Head


 Kyocera KJ4A

Quality of Printheads


 2 - 10 Pcs



1000 x 1200 dpi

Print Speed (m2/hr)

4 Pass

 38 m2/hr

52 m2/hr

110 m2/hr


6 Pass

 33 m2/hr

42 m2/hr

75 m2/hr


8 Pass

 28 m2/hr

36 m2/hr

57 m2/hr


12 Pass

 19 m2/hr

23 m2/hr

45 m2/hr

Print Mode

 Unidirectional and Biderectional 

Max Media Width


1.6 m x 1.0 m

 2.5 m x 1.2 m

 3.1 m x 1.6 m

Max Media Thickness


 100 mm

Media Type


Rigid and flexible materials



Environmental Friendly UV curable ink (VOC free)

Ink Color


C, M, Y, K

Image Format


Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Machine Size (L, W, H) (mm)


3100 x 1700 x 1300

4760 x 1960 x 1320

5230 x 2220 x 1350

Machine Net Weight (kg)





Power Consumption


AC220v, 32A

AC220v, 50A

AC220v, 50A

Power Supply


220 VAC (±10%) Single-Phase, 50 / 60 Hz  

RIP Support


Seeget, ONYX, Caldera

UV Curing


Mercury vapor UV lamps, LED (optional)



High Speed PCIE

Separated workroom in good cleaning and ventilated condition
Temperature£º18ºC ¡« 30ºC (64°F¡«86°F)
Humidity£º30% ¡« 70%
Ventilation£ºexhaust fan with the volume of 600 cfm
Certificate   CE, FCC 


1. Kyocera Print Heads

Featuring variable dot, true greyscale imaging 4,6,and 10pl-at a true native 1200 dpi.
2.Auto Height Detection System
Automatically detects the height of media up to 100mm and calibrates print head distance for optical dot placement and image quality.
3.UV-curing Lamps/ LED (optional)
Instant curing of UV ink for fast production. Cures on both the left and right pass.
4.Top Printing Speed: Up to 38©O/hr
Engineered for high-quality printing yet outputs up to 38©O/hr with full bleed capacity.
6.Vacuum System
Eliminating the need to manually zoning the table with scrap material. Allowing for easy setup of small batch printing.
7Emergency Stop Switches.
Stop the printer operation from either side of the printer.
8.On Board Control Module
Allows user to adjust printer settings specially for each ripped file, and make on-the-fly adjustments of ink and media settings, white ink workflow and physical printer settings. Save those settings repeat runs, eliminating the need to rep-rip job.
9.Static Suppression Option
Optional static suppression kit that eliminates static on the substrate.
10.Reversible printing function &repeat printing mode
Reversible printing function facilitates the users to print reversibly so that the carriage doesn’t have to start over; repeat printing mode allows the same images to be output repeatedly so that to save the time to re-rip jobs.
11.Mechanical Pin Registration System
Pin registration for accurate and consistent rigid media placement.

Picture only for reference, Detail are subject to corresponding products.The above technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

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