Wood Printing

Brief Introduction of The Application
HANDTOP is committed to applying the UV digital printing technology into various of industrial fields in long term. In order to build a successful application in the wood floor industry, The R & D team of HANDTOP spent more than one year to work together with a famous wood floor factory in SHUNDE city of Guangzhou province. We made a series of major breakthroughs, such as: coating process before printing, the adhesion of UV curing ink on wood, abrasion resistance, etc.
At the same time, we developed a special software, which can realize image segment and image assembly freely according to the actual application. This function is very useful especially for large size image printing.  In case one piece of wood floor is damaged, the software can remake a separate printing for this piece of wood floor easily, no need to re-make the printing for the whole work.
Another important breakthrough is that we can design a special printing mould for each type of wood floor.  This printing mould will help the wood floor factory to realize the uninterrupted production flow. The producing efficiency is improved a lot..
Hardware Requirements
A. Printing machine: HT2512UV series
B. Wood floor printing mould
Software Requirement:
Wood floor printing software
Main Production Process:
1 Bottom primer process and moisture-proof process onto the bottom of wood floor  ( Figure 1.1 )

2White primer process and abrasion resistance process onto the surface of the wood floor( Figure 1.2 )

3 Printing process ( Figure 1.3 )

4Coating process and abrasion resistance process onto the surface of the wood floor (figure 1.4)

Step 1, 2, 4 is the necessary process for normal wood floor production, while step 3 is the special process which should be finished by HANDTOP UV flatbed printer.

Targeted Industries
Through introducing the HANDTOP UV flatbed printer, the creative wood floors manufactured by this wood floor factory in SHUNDE has been popularly applied by school, basketball court, hotel, etc.
With the further promotion and application, such creative floor will be able to enter into thousands of households.

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