About UV ink

Q£ºIs UV ink environmental protection? What protective measures should be taken when operating UV printers? 
A£ºUV ink does not contain VOC, but uncured UV ink still can not touch with the human body directly.  A long time UV ink contact with skin or eyes might stimulated skin and cause a chemical allergy. We request the operator must take a professional training, and recommend operator to wear protective gloves, eye protection, protective aprons and protective boots. It can be safe for operator if these rules are followed properly. .

Q£ºWhat is the outdoor durability of the UV prints?
A£ºGraphics created using the UV printers are outdoor-durable for up to 2 years - 5 years with lamination. However, environment and application will determine the ultimate outdoor life span and may result in outdoor durability of greater or less than 2 years.

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